Offshore Medical Billing – Transition Process

The success of any outsourced medical billing project purely depends on the transition process carried out by offshore medical billing companies at the initial stage of on-boarding a new client. The efficacy of this process plays a vital role in streamlining the managerial bandwidth of US medical billing companies at a later stage. Offshore medical billing companies in India and other countries follow a series of steps to make sure that the transition process takes place smoothly and efficiently. The series of steps involved in transition process flow are briefed below:

1. Signing Contractual Agreements: When a US medicalbilling company decides to partner with a reliable offshore medical billing company, both parties accept to sign contractual agreements like the Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement (BAA). A medical billing solutions provider is said to violate the HIPAA laws, if it does not sign a BAA with its client. The Service Agreement should also have an efficient compliance plan and a SOW that clearly outlines the work processes, training, and auditing techniques of the service provider.

2. Forming the Transition Team: The next step is forming a team with highly-skilled professionals who handle the transition process smoothly. It is during this phase that client manager and account managers are assigned. Account manager of the offshore medical billing company is the first point-of-contact, who undergoes the initial training process. After learning the client requirements and nuances of work, the account manager trains and educates the same to the in-house team.

3. Establishing Secure Connections: To understand the and get access to the EHR and PMS, offshore vendors should establish secure VPN (Virtual Private Network), Cloud, or TSC (Terminal Services Client) connections. They should also communicate effectively with US medical billing companies by scheduling regular calls.

4. Data Transmission: To carry out medical claims processing effectively, offshore medical billing companies will sometimes require access to client data. To ensure safe data transmission, offshore vendors must set up DMS (Data Management System) or secure FTP data servers with their clients.

5. Knowledge Sharing: As knowledge sharing is the key to error-free medical claims processing, offshore medical billing companies should hold regular web conference meetings with their clients. This way, they can learn the nuances of the billing process.

6. Creating the Account Manual: Right from the pre to post-transition processes,everything is documented in what is called as the Account Manual. It contains important operational protocols and best practices, which were developed in association with the client during the course of the transition process. Updates from clients will be communicated to offshore medical billing companies through phone calls and emails regularly. The updates will also be documented in this manual for future reference. Once the Account Manual is approved by the client, the project is said to go live, for regular work.

One of the reputed offshore medical billing companies that carry out the transition process without much impact on the revenues is e-care.

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Hospital Containment Cart- Keeping Dust and Debris Contained

A hospital containment cart is designed to do exactly what it sounds like it would: contain dust and debris. This is a maintenance tool that any hospital or medical facility can benefit from to help keep patients and other people in the hospital setting safe at all times, no matter what might be going on. From routine maintenance to big construction projects, dust is a serious issue. The right tools to eliminate the dust and make sure that everyone is protected can make all the difference in the long run.

When you are shopping for the best solutions for a hospital containment cart, you have to take the time to explore your options and learn about everything that is out there. These were originally designed for electrical contractors because of their work in the ceilings that can cause dust and debris to fall to the ground and affect patients, but they can be used in just about any application necessary in today’s world to help people get more out of their maintenance and construction projects. The goal is to use negative air pressure and HEPA filtration to collect dust that is stirred up and keep it contained at all times.

Hospital containment cart models are designed from aluminum, which is durable, easy to clean, and portable. Lightweight materials are used in every single cart so that it can be easily transported from one area to another, depending on where it is needed. The aluminum also helps prevent the buildup of static electricity that can cause all types of issues with containment and safety in the hospital environment. Vinyl tents and other protective products have nothing on this type of containment solution because of the technology and materials that are used.

Any hospital or medical facility that is looking for the best containment solutions can count on these products to get everything that they need and more. Make sure that you take the time to figure out exactly what your options are so that you can get the most out of your investment in a product like this. With so much to choose from, it is easy for you to find everything that you need for less as long as you are willing to take the time to look. Never buy something that is substandard for this type of application because you will definitely appreciate all the benefits that you get from choosing top-quality products instead.

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