It’s a notable day for Canberra

First tickets for Singapore Airlines flights from Canberra to Wellington snapped up

Canberra man Robin Poke managed to grab a ticket through the Singapore Airlines website on the first flight from Canberra to Wellington on September 21.

He booked his flights early on Monday morning before the deal disappeared.

“My daughter, Gemma, lives and works in cheap jerseys Wellington, and she’s delighted I’m on the flight. As a result she and her husband are hoping to join me on the return flight on September 30,” he said.

Mr Poke, who is the president of the ACT Olympic Council,said he experienced no issues when booking and even received email confirmation.

But there was one surprise when it came to the fares it was cheaper than advertised.

“The funny thing was the initial cost was something like $440 and suddenly the cost went down and Gemma said ‘oh this is bizarre’. It came down about $30.”

This will be Mr Poke’s 10th trip to Wellington and one which will shave a lot of travelling time off.

“It’s a notable day for Canberra. For the guys like Stephen Byron who’ve been lobbying for so long, it’s a great reward for their efforts,” Mr Poke said.

“It saves going up to Sydney and back down to Wellington. They’ll probably break open the bubbly over the Tasman Sea.”

Singapore Airlines chief executive Goh Choon Phong announced last Wednesday that flights from Singapore would arrive in Canberra on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8.35am from September 21, pending approval by federal regulators.

Passengers travelling on to the New Zealand capital will depart from Canberra at 9.50am.

Mr Schubert said while it’s too early to make any “clear, definitive statement” on how sales are going, he said interest thus far has been a strong indicator.

“What we announced last week were certainly competitive prices and the reaction we got from the market reflected that, there were a lot of excitement about that. That excitement has translated into the early signs of indicating strong ticket sales.” he said.

“What our prices show is that we’re serious about wanting to encourage traffic and develop the route. it’s not an ad hoc service and we certainly are in it for the long term. Our ultimate aim is to grow the traffic and make the route a success and our pricing has certainly reflected that.”

And while he could not say whether the bubbly would be flowing as the first flight crossed the Tasman, he did say there were special plans laid for the inaugural journey.

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