The program has grown in the past eight

The program has grown in the past eight years, from 63 students at the West and Central campuses to 180, Lipari said.”In times when music programs that are as expensive as orchestra is, to have it in the program, to have it all the way through the feeder schools is really magic,” Lipari said to a group of parents and students after rehearsal. “You should be grateful as parents to have a Joliet community who supports that.”Two pieces were commissioned to celebrate the 110th anniversary and one of them was unveiled Monday. Lipari kept the piece, written by Richard Meyer, an international composer based in California, inside an envelope for about two weeks before revealing it to students and parents.The piece is called “Stone and Steel,” which is a modern concert overture that “treats listener and performer to a myriad of styles and moods,” Lipari said.The stone in the title comes from Joliet’s nickname as the City of Stone in the early 1800s, until it was given another nickname, the City of Steel, with the construction of a steel mill.It isn’t always easy or cheap for parents to have their children participate in orchestra, said Sandra Becker, Orchestra Parents Association president, who spoke after the rehearsal.

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